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    The Missouri Department of Labor’s section for unemployed workers provides two benefits calculators you can use to calculate your benefits for yourself.

    The Missouri Unemployment Benefit Calculator and a Partial Unemployment Benefits Calculator.

    Let’s start with the regular unemployment benefit calculator.

    Step 1. The calculator will ask for the date of your initial claim. This is used to calculate your base period. As we explained in our previous post, your base period comprises of the first four quarters of the last five quarters since your filing date. So if your filing date is in June, your base year starts in January and ends with the October to December quarter of the previous year.

    Step 2. Insert the income you generated in each of the quarters of your base period. Note you must divide your earnings within the specific quarters in the form not any three consecutive months. The two highest earning quarters will be used to calculate your weekly benefit amount.

    Step 3. Click on submit and find out how much you will get in unemployment compensation from the state of Missouri. Your weekly benefit amount is calculated by taking the average of your two highest quarters and multiplying it by 0.04. For example if you earned $6,000 in your first quarter, $3,000 in your second and another $3,000 between the third and fourth quarter, you would receive a weekly benefit amount of around $180. Calculation: $6,000 + $3,000 = $9,000. Divide by 2, $4,500. Multiply by 0.04 = $180.

    You will receive your weekly benefit amount until your maximum benefits amount is exhausted. How much is your maximum benefits amount? Simply divide your total gross income for your base period and divide by 3. In this example it would be $12,000 divided by 3, or $4,000. At a rate of $180 a week, you would get 22 weeks of unemployment benefits. Your maximum period of regular Missouri unemployment benefits is 26 weeks regardless of your maximum benefits amount. What if you are a part time worker? Can you still receive weekly benefits, and if so, how can you calculate your part time weekly benefits?


    If you lose your job and find part time work, you can still receive unemployment benefits just as long as you receive less than your weekly benefit amount. The TN Labor Department provides a useful partial unemployment benefits calculator that helps you see what benefits you will get if you are on partial benefits.

    You can also claim partial benefits if your employer reduces your weekly work hours. The Missouri Labor Department allows employers to claim unemployment benefits for workers whose hours they are forced to reduce. This only applies for business that due to financial problems or lack of work must choose between laying off their skilled workers or reducing their hours. Partial unemployment benefits are not designed to sponsor businesses who only require part time workers.

    However, to qualify for partial UI benefits you must report all your weekly earnings, reserve pay, bonuses and tips. Note that you must report your earnings the week you work not the week you are paid. You must also be fit and willing to work a full-time job every week you claim for partial benefits.

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