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    missouri capitalEvery business is going to be faced at one time or another with having to hire new employees. Every person, at some point or another is going to be faced with having to find a new job.

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    Missouri at the present time is a great place to live and to work. Fortunately the job opportunities in Missouri seem to be fairly plentiful at the present time even though the unemployment rate is about 8.7 percent.

    . Unlike much of the United States, there are companies there which are actively hiring for multiple types of jobs. A few bright spots on the employment horizon… Missouri companies are actively seeking out older employees in many cases, since they seem to have a far better work ethic and are willing to work harder and do a better job in many cases.

    st louis missouriMissouri currently lists medical professions, as many other states do, as the primary area where they are missing employees and are in search of good medical professionals to fill myriad openings in the state. What if you’re not in the medical profession however? What’s out there for the basic worker, who has some good skills and experience and a good employment record?  Are there jobs to be had for your kind of worker?

    There are absolutely jobs in Missouri for nearly everyone.  Your age can sometimes be a benefit to you. As previously mentioned, companies such as the one run by  Yvonne Tisdel are seeking out a certain kind of  workers, and the reason is simple to them. Her company is looking for workers which are over the age of fifty.

    “They’re experienced, they’re nurturing, they’re patient,” she said.

    Yvonne is the vice president of human resources at SSM health care, a company which is home for more than 25,000 people in four states.

    Further, service industries are hiring as well, seeking out employees in areas such as HVAC, with heating and air conditioning workers with nearly any level of experience able to find work in the state without many problems at all. HVAC is a fast growing field in Missouri and with the heat and the humidity you can certainly understand how that might be.

    Other companies which seem to be rapidly growing are in the internet and technology fields. Positions in these fields range from independent consultants to help desk employees to web site designers and software installations.

    Missouri is experiencing a slump in the job market, so much is true, but there are multiple companies here hiring and the employment future looks good. Pay a visit to sites such as Monster.com or the Missouri unemployment office web site to find out who’s hiring in your area of Missouri.